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A Complete Guide To Choosing The Perfect Comfort Bra

A Complete Guide To Choosing The Perfect Comfort Bra

Bras are high up on the list of things that all women do not particularly enjoy shopping for – aside from the elusive pair of jeans and bathing suits. It gets even worse if you fall into either spectrum of having the fullest breasts or smallest pair. To make matters worse, sometimes, even the sales reps at the lingerie store cannot do much to find you the perfect bra.

How many women have walked into lingerie stores tried several bras, loved a few, only to get home and discover that they are the worst purchases they ever made? If this rings true for you, do not give up yet because it is entirely possible to get your hands on that unicorn standard of bras that is the comfort bra.

How Do You Define A Comfort Bra?

How many times have you gotten home and the first thing you remove is your bra? How about the number of times you have ended up sweating through your bra? Not to mention the number of times you have to adjust your bra several times because it keeps digging into your skin.

If you can relate to at least one or all of the above, then you must know that you are not wearing the right bra. Getting adequate support and comfort are the two aspects that make up the best bra.

How To Go About Searching For The Ultimate Comfort Bra

You must have gone to a couple of lingerie stores and tried on a few bras. Often, you will get swept away by how good one looks and stick with it even if it does not feel right. 75% of the time that great-looking bra is not the right bra for you. Stop the cycle of discomfort and protect your tattas by getting the right bra.

  • Get Sized Correctly

As shocking as it is, most women do not know their bra size. Some women stick with the size of the first bra they ever bought or the number on the bra that they have worn for several years. It is crucial to start all over again by finding out your current bra size.

The most important factors are your bust and band size. Add five inches to the number you get when you measure underneath your bust to get the band size. Measure around your breasts at its fullest point to get your bust size. Your cup size will be the figure you get when you subtract the band and bust numbers. The difference between the band and cup size is your bra size.

It is quite easy to undersize either your bust or band size if you pull the tape measure too tightly. You can choose to avoid the hassle by going to a lingerie store for sizing.


  • Underwire or No Underwire?

Women with fuller breasts will find underwires particularly helpful at providing more support. However, these bras also tend to be the most uncomfortable because they dig into the skin. It does not make matters any better if you are wearing the wrong-sized bra.

Some women also go for them because of their ability to give them some more boost. It is better to choose padded bras or the push-up variations if your goal is to get a boost.

The underwires might offer the extra support, but there is also the chance that they could create a compression of the breasts. It happens when you wear them too long, and it could result in mastitis which is a breast infection. Women with a natural and ample boost should instead go for a minimizer bra.

You would be surprised to know about the trending Lingerie options that are both comfort bras and shapewear, providing ample support to your bust and giving a natural shape to your breast without the painful underwires. There are many brands that offer this shapewear, one of such is B Free Australia, it has a really good range of comfort shapewear. Go here to check out their latest collection.

  • Fabric

.Now, you may want to have a look at the selection of Comfort Bras available. They come in the luxuriously comfortable viscose bamboo fabric said to be soft much like cotton and as smooth as silk.

The bamboo fabric in particular stretches and comfortably conforms to your support and lift needs, and shape. These are all the things you want to hear when looking for the most comfortable bra. The fabric is also highly breathable with excellent moisture wicking abilities.

  • Cups and Padding

The amount of padding a bra comes with can boost its comfort but only if the filling is made using comfort material. Instead of going for bras with more padding, the woman with smaller breasts may either choose removable pads or go for push up bras.

Soft cups offer better comfort in general and suit the woman with fuller breasts because they enhance the natural shape of the breasts.

  • Straps and Closure

It also makes sense to pay close attention to the straps and bra closure because they are other elements that can make a bra highly uncomfortable. While thin straps with jagged edge designs may look great, they often end up being highly uncomfortable. The best bra straps are wide enough with a smooth design.

Most bras come with the typical back closure, and some will pinch into the skin leaving unsightly bumps. Front closures preferably made out of microbial and hypoallergenic fabric prove to be the most comfortable.

  • Style

Once you have all the other aspects handled, you can experiment more by going for bras in different designs. Comfort does not always mean boring, and you can find selections of great-looking bras. However, try and avoid bras with rushing or frill detailing around the band and straps. These details often end up digging into the skin leaving marks.

You can equally try halter, strapless and adhesive bras when looking for comfortable bras to wear with particularly tricky outfits. Watch this to learn more.

The truth is that you might have to go through a few bras before finding the one that meets all your comfort needs. That is why it is always recommended to visit a lingerie store and try out several bras to figure out how you feel and what works for you.

You cannot go wrong with the Comfort Bra because it mainly designed to offer just that – maximum comfort. Remember that when it comes to bras, the most important thing is to get the right size.