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Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

Depending upon your requirements, belongings, and needs, a variety of storage facilitates are available to keep your things safe. Here is a list of some storage options for large to the small stuff.

Self Storage Containers

Shipping containers can be used as a portable storage solution. Making such large entity into storage unit serves perfectly for storage and this idea is growing enormously throughout the world. Self-storage feature serves those people well who tend to move from place to another and have a pile of things which are not of daily routine and are only keeping them because of some sentimental attachment or any other reason. For that matter, self-storage containers are the best option to go for as these are secure, can store abundant stuff and can easily use in future. These storage containers are easily available with the price range of USD 1400 to USD 2000, depending upon the material these are made from and storage capacity. Used shipping containers are also available in the market, and are priced very low compared to new containers. Depending upon your use, you can opt for new or used storage container.

set of storage containers
These containers can also be used for small businesses. The standard size of a container is 20′ and 40′ in length with 8′ width and 8.6′ height. Depending upon your business or personal requirement you can add interior walls, windows, doors, and vents. In short, these containers can easily be customized depending upon your requirements and needs and you can add as many features to it, yourself or professionally, as you want.

Vehicle Storage Units

Vehicle storage units are the most reliable and cost-effective options to store your automobile in the safe and spacious environment. These storage units are optimized to facilitate the storage of personal cars, boats, RV, jet skis, vans, trucks, motorcycles and business vehicles including tractors, trucks, and vans. There are some benefits of using these storage options for your automobiles, including

 Improved Storage Security

There are a number of vehicle storage units are available that cater different types of automobiles and offer various benefits. First and foremost advantage of these storage units is the surety of security. These facilities provide enhanced storage security with the help of password protected control systems and cameras. These elements help to peculiarly monitor any movement inside and outside of the storage unit.

lock key and ring

Climate controlled environment

Vehicle storage unit is the best option to keep your personal automobiles or business properties away from harsh climatic conditions. These facilities provide the temperature controlled environment. 

Intense Security

These storage facilities maintain excellent security services. 24-hour video recordings and electronically gated entrance make sure the security of your furniture.

Convenient Storage Places

There are a number of furniture storage service providers are available, and you can easily find one near your place. In every facility, it is made sure that furniture is not piled up rather kept in the spacious surrounding.

Mini Storage Facilities

small lockers


Mini storage facilities provide an easy, economical, trustworthy and safe option to keep your personal belongings stored in a protected environment. For example, if you need some extra space to place your off-season clothes, or you are a student and find it difficult to keep all your personal staff in dorm room, or you just want to store your valuables in a convenient and safe place, then mini storage units are the best option to go for. These storage facilities are exemplary for many different reasons such as

  • these units are easy to access, and economical. If you want to store minimal stuff that can easily be stored in a small space, then you’ll only be paying for small space.

Security of these facilities is dependable.

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Rain Water Tanks

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Rain Water Tanks

Water is the most valuable resource. Nature has given water to humankind and most people in dry continents like Australia and parts of the Americas know this too well. Remember the plight of California in the USA which continues to be plagued by the water woes for over two years now. Rainwater harvesting is one-way individuals and communities can address perennial water shortages. The process involves three stages – collecting water from the surface where large volumes of water gathers, storing it in a tank and distributing the water for outdoor/indoor use.

slim water tanks

Recharging ground water supplies

Many state governments in Australia have issued statutory directions to owners of condos, apartments and other high rise structures to create rainwater harvesting facilities to recharge ground water supplies. Many homes and condos/apartments in this region are dependent on ground water supplies for everything except drinking water which is provided by the municipal administration. Groundwater is extracted with the help of deep wells or tube wells. Over exploitation of ground water leads to falling in the water table. Rainwater harvesting helps these communities to channelize the water collected at the rooftop into designated pits where the water is gathered to seep into the ground gradually. With hundreds of rainwater harvesting pits in a limited zone, the water table slowly rises to supply enough water during the summer days, in particular. Here is the small video which explains about the advantages of water tanks to fight against the scarcity.

Many new homes across Australia are required to have rainwater tanks

rain water tanksGiven Australia’s dependence on rain for most of her needs, new homes in most states are now required to have rainwater storage tanks. Rainwater is also the purest water until it touches the ground. Therefore, rainwater collected on rooftops directly into containers can even be used for drinking and other human consumption. Some sources even claim that rain water properly collected and stored is even better than mineral water since rainwater carry no chemicals.

Runoffs into storm water drains

States like Queensland receive copious rains during the season. Large farm lands in this region will experience significant flows into the storm water drains. Potentially this can clog the stormwater drains adding further to the woes from the water itself. Rainwater storage tanks in such farms will bring multiple advantages of enhanced water availability during dry days and better storm water drains.

Your investments pay back through improved water availability

Considering that rain water is the primary source of water for most parts of Australia, your investment in rainwater, your investment in rainwater tanks will pay for itself in a relatively short space of time. The enhanced availability of water is another huge advantage that you will enjoy.

5 Management Tips for a Newbie Project Manager

5 Management Tips for a Newbie Project Manager

For a newbie, it’s important to be a bit of renaissance person to become a successful Project Manager as you are going to play a bigger role than you used to do before. The primary goal of a project manager is to bring a project successfully to accomplishment – within time and budget. Many projects tend to veer off its tracks because of some internal and external factors, but a good Project Manager knows exactly how to take a project to completion with as little disruption as possible.

As a young employee, you might need a little help to understand your responsibilities and get on the track. Well, there are a plethora of online courses that can make you understand and tackle the challenges of Project Manager. One of my favourites is PRINCE2® . This course is a reputed credential in the field of Project Management. This course provides an understanding of project management responsibilities, project management plan. You can also opt for online degree project management and online project management certification if you find trouble attending classes. While taking the course, I came to learn these excellent tips that can make you a splendid Project Manager.

Analyze Complete Project Details Upfront

project management certification analysis

As a Project Manager, you must get everything in written including approvals from all stakeholders, interim milestones, deadlines, and budget. Prince 2 is a process-based project management method that helps you understanding the ways by which you can analyse the project details including scope, feasibility, implementation, etc. before the starting of project.

Set Realistic Goals

project goalsAs a Project Manager, it’s your duty to let your team and clients to understand the limitations of the project. The only time you’ll be able to finish the project on time within budget is when you have reasonable expectations. Prince 2 helps you in understanding this factor and winning the confidence of your team and clients despite the limitations. If you have set realistic goals, they will trust you with project’s completion.

Build a Measurable and Reportable Strategy

Project Management StrategyTo keep the faith of your team and client in you, you must first create a plan that can track as well as report. Being able to track your progress keeps your team going in an efficient way and being able to report your clients keep their faith in you that you’re keeping your work up, and you’re on the right track. Prince 2 is well laid out and standardised approach that helps you build efficient and reportable strategies for different projects.

Assign Right Responsibilities to Right Team Members

Project Managament TeamA skilled Project Manager must know how to make the most of the skills of his team members. Identifying right responsibility is not enough; you need to assign then to right people too to avoid disaster. Prince 2 teaches you how to assess your team members and their capabilities so that you can assign the right roles and bring out their best productivity.

Manage the Project Risks

A good Project Manager isn’t one who doesn’t take risks, but he the one who knows how to take risks and handle them beautifully with intelligence and skills. Prince 2 Project Management course tells you about the risks that are worth taking and the risks to avoid. In this course, you learn to evaluate your potential to manage the risks and turn them into best decisions you’ve adopted for the project.

Salient Features of Prince 2

1. This high-level program of Project Management Skills is very broad. That means you can implement it on any project.
2. It is well-laid out approach teaching about management skills in simple and efficient manner.
3. It edifies the roles and responsibilities of different members of the team.
4. This course is divided into four different parts with step by step guidelines to avoid any ambiguity.
5. It is well designed for the project as well as a process.