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2018 Home Decor Trends

2018 Home Decor Trends

Each new year, we can shake things up, and there is no better place to start than at home. 2017 was the year to transform your house into a personal tropical jungle filled with prints and as many metallic details as we pleased. 2018 comes with a host of new home decor trends that everyone just must try.

Bold pigments

Neutrals have never looked better in interior spaces with grey still being the most popular choice. However, this year we are going more daring with more vibrant colours for both furniture and walls.
Moody violets, emerald green, and violets are also proving to be popular interior choices this year.

Global Village

This year bring the goodness of global influence to your home through deco pieces. Whether you feel inspired by the Asian culture, African trinkets, or European charm; you can incorporate them into your house.
That means going for global-inspired prints for your throw cushions, including a few terracotta pieces on your display unit, or going for exotic European rugs.

Tropical Prints

We are not done with tropicals yet, and you can still carry through with the trend this year. Think of palm leaves and a splash of lush greens all over your bathroom. Take it to your porch to by including long-leafed tall plants, and a hammock.
You can still follow through with the inspiration all over your house by going for tropical-themed throws, duvet sets, and even safari-inspired China.

Metallic Accents

Another trend from last year that we are not done with is the infusion of metallic touches around the house. Whether it is a bedside lamp, wall mirror, or vases; a metallic finish or palette exudes a luxurious finish.
Go for Brass hues and even brass-made furniture to create the look. Gold-tone accents and brass combined with marble does the trick.

Artisan Textures

Textures add a playful embellishment and raw edges around your home. Furniture has a handmade feel, and they are the perfect pieces to accentuate with artisan textures. Likewise, you can incorporate the look by using throw cushions and fabric-made wall hangings.
Macrame pieces also create a new layer of interest and feature on wall hangings as well as cushions.

Geometric Patterns

An alternative to the artisan textures and tropical prints is to go for geometric patterns. It is not a new trend, but a dramatic take on it can create a pronounced presence in your home.
Use it for accent walls by going for wallpaper with oversized patterns in bolder colours. Best yet, you can take the geometric trend to any room you please including adding a few geometric throws into the mix.

Black and White

The classic monochromatic trend survives the test of time and remains a genuinely timeless decor trend. You cannot go wrong by including black and white pieces into your home. Once again, the quickest way about it is to go for throw cushion covers that can instantly give you a classic look.
If you are up for a furniture upgrade or refurbishing, consider going black and white. You can as well go for white/black sofa covers to embrace the monochrome look.


Top Things About Risk Management With Heavy Duty Shelves

Top Things About Risk Management With Heavy Duty Shelves

In this age, it is paramount to ensure a less risk when storing your commodities and staff. Using the heavy metal shelves will save you in several ways. I am sure it is costly and hurting to find one of your fellow workers or employee hurt due to the weak shelving system. Weaker shelves cannot store your machine parts, industrial equipment, or products. Again, it is always best to take care of your products. All this allows you to manage your inventory very well. Besides, it is also vital to keeping your records, skipping problems and you take care of materials. The big quest comes in, how do you practice risk management in your home, warehouse, or manufacturing outlet using the heavy-duty solutions? Here are some of the essential things to know about risk management with heavy-duty shelving for high output.
There are a variety of shelves available in the market today. Day in day out, you come in contact with the shelves made of plastic, bamboo, glass, wood, and metal. All those serve the same function, but metal shelves are very reliable than all of these. You need to be keen getting heavy metal shelves, not just metals. The main reason still comes down to the excellent services they offer. Some of the heavy metal shelving are the Rivet Shelving, Steel shelving, Rotabins, Mobile Aisle shelving and Record storage shelving.

Types Of Heavy Metal Shelving

Rivet shelving is one of its kind you cannot afford to miss for less risk. You can access the shelves from all the four sides. You find that their bases contain metal, wire mesh, boards that are fire resistant or melamine. Just be sure to move around with ease when using the heavy rivet shelving. You can use Rivets for storing light items and heavy loads of up to a maximum weight of 1088.6 kilograms on each shelf. The weight is enormous and enough for those of you in homes. They are quite easy to assemble and their shelf levels adjustable from one to half inch brackets. You will find these with all over in warehouses and manufacturing facilities since you can acquire one at lower prices in comparison to others. Besides of its affordability, they are recommendable when it comes to heavy loads.
Steel shelving is expensive compared to the rivet shelving. The shelving, however, has high versatility. The Steel Shelving is adjustable, durable, and easy to assemble. You can opt to leave them open or fit with drawers for protection and maximum security of items. Unlike rivet shelving, they range from simple mixtures of shelves with their stands to more complex forms. The compact steel shelving has terrific and unique tilting shelves or shelves with doors that you can decide to lock.
The other common type of metal shelving is the record storage shelving. Gives you a place to store and arrange your products in an orderly manner. Sometimes you can customise the shelves in a way to fit your needs. In other words, you can adjust their sizes for you to store what you need to store. With record storage shelving you can quickly and safely store all the loads of records in your office, warehouse, or any place of your choice. Most people love the shelves’ flexibility. You can retrieve a file from the back to the front.
Rotabins allow you to do mass storage of little items in one central location. These shelves work based on “Lazy Susan” principle of the rotary. Each shelf can rotate independently of the others thereby enabling retrieval of several items while standing at one spot. Their sizes are gauged based on their diameters These are available in 58”, 44”, 34”, 28” and 17” respectively. The Rotabins are known to occupy minimal space and give you the chance to use even the negligible office spaces such as corners, below counters or even ends of corridors.
Last on the list of the heavy metal shelving is the mobile aisle shelving. The shelves strategically make use of space within the corridors or walkways. You can find them as handhold manual drive system or crank handle mechanical assist system, based on the mechanism of managing the shelves. These shelves are suitable for storing several items to include data files, tools, components for manufacturing items, weapons among others.
The heavy metal shelving can accommodate a certain amount of volume. However, it ranges from 136.078 kilograms to 453.592 kilograms. The weight is significant, and therefore it shows they are stable and very reliable.

Best Heavy Metal Shelving

To check on right shelf height, widths, and depth, you can examine the proportions of the products or substances you are storing. For more or big sized items, go for higher, thicker, and broader shelves. For fewer or small sized pieces, you can consider short, shallow, and narrow shelves. You should take note of the height of the room when going for high shelves so that you do not purchase a heavy-metal shelve that cannot fit in a place.

Professional Advice

But the best bet you have is letting professional advice you on the way forward. You will get information as to where you can get the best fit for your needs. An expert will always advise you on cost-effective ones which will serve you to satisfaction. The heavy metal shelving which will handle the task without any flaws. Some can further provide you with a list of vendors who sell shelves which will manage your purpose efficiently. There are even other professionals that will go ahead and fix up the shelves for you.
All in all, when hiring a consulting firm or a professional, ensure you get heavy metal shelves that help you achieve your stipulated tasks. Besides, the price should be friendly. To do this, an expert would visit your place, access, and advise depending on the space availability. Not to forget professional also advise on the safety measures to take when using the heavy-duty shelving. Part of safety advice includes using ladders or stools when you need to access some of the products substances. The other input you expect to get from an expert is to store the massive equipment on shelves below the waist while doing a routine checking and maintain your shelves.
Many companies can help you get good custom orders shelves in Melbourne. Are you facing difficulty searching for appropriate shelves for your home, manufacturing industry or warehouse? Feel free to check on Brownbuilt, Stormor, MADE Retail Systems, Wiredex, Staetie and Fasteners.

Ditch the Gazillion Dollar Earrings- A Pearl Drop Is All You Need in 2018

Ditch the Gazillion Dollar Earrings- A Pearl Drop Is All You Need in 2018

We have always been told that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, which might be a little too outdated. This year you might want to consider something lustrous, incredibly unique and a little bit more affordable. Pearls are classic and versatile and will look good in various styles. Why are pearls suddenly popular again? Well, I can think of tons of reasons but let’s stick to 3 of the most popular ones.


pearl earrings

Pearls were very popular in the 20’s and are apparently coming back this year. Some women nowadays may wear pearls because of its vintage touch to an outfit like pearl drop earrings or a full choker of pearls, but it’s more than just that. They come in different sizes, colours and shapes, just like our thumbprints, no two pearls are alike. Pearls have more variety than diamonds and would also go well with beloved precious metals and stones.
Just like diamonds, you can choose to have pearls embedded in different types of jewellery like gold bangles, chandelier earrings, brooches, rings, hair ornaments or even cufflinks. Click here for exclusive handmade upmarket jewellery.  You can pick a modern design piece of jewellery and have it made with pearls. Pearls don’t need a lot of cutting and reshaping, so there’s less effort in designing them, unlike diamonds.
Pearls are always appropriate to wear any time of the day for sunny brunches to late evening dinner parties. You won’t need to worry about changing your jewellery for being too flashy or too lightweight.
So whether you’re going vintage or prefer a modern artsy twist to your accessories, you can always depend on the natural lustre of pearls.

Bridal Jewelry

pearl jewellery for brides

Although we all know that the engagement ring should be a “big rock” when it comes to the big day those diamond rings are usually paired with other bridal jewellery which is mostly made of pearls.
Pearls give this pure, ethereal and royal feel to the wearer which is just what the bride needs on her big day. In some traditions wearing pearls will ensure that the marriage will be long-lasting and happy.
Being a natural gem, coming from the ocean nothing shows purity more than pearls. Well-known for its creamy colours, pearls go well with bridal gowns which are usually white or beige and pastels for bridesmaids.
Pearls can also be used to accentuate any bridal dress alongside crystals and laces. There are tons of options you can use pearls, which is the reason why brides all over the world have kept adding pearls to their bridal jewellery.

Reasonable Price

white and black pearls

High-quality pearls are considered good investment; pearls may not be cheap but are considered more affordable than diamonds. A Pearl’s value can be measured by its kind, whether its artificially created or cultivated or if it’s the rare natural kind, the lustre of a pearl taken from an oyster in its natural habitat cannot be imitated.
In most cases, pearls are more affordable than diamonds but more expensive than other precious stones. If you want a classic jewellery piece that can be passed down to generations in your family but won’t spend on a chunky diamond, then a string of natural pearls is for you.

Get the Best Pearls from these Boutiques:

1. Paspaley

Paspaley boasts a collection of magnificent South Sea Pearls which are harvested from rare Australian South Sea Pearl Oysters. They have their professional diver who looks for wild Pinctada Maxima Oysters, and that’s where their pearl cultivation starts.

They use their “5 virtues” in scrutinizing the pearls they cultivate and harvest to make sure their customers get the best pearls possible. The five virtues are, lustre, complexion, shape, colour and size.

Paspaley also collaborates with world-famous jewellery designers to deliver a wide variety of pearl jewellery pieces. They have outrageous avant-garde pieces as well as the simple, classic ones. So there’s one for every customer type.

2. Kailis

Similar to Paspaley, Kailis also determines their pearls’ value by following five virtues namely, lustre, complexion, shape and colour. Their website gives better descriptions of each virtue including photos, so shoppers who are new to pearl jewellery will learn more about the value of what they are buying.
The best thing about this boutique is their collection of men’s pearl accessories. They have lustrous but masculine pieces like cuff links, tie pins, money clips and pens. So if you are planning to buy your man something that would look good and won’t be too flashy then check out their awesome collection.

3. Allure South Sea Pearls

Allure South Sea Pearls source their beautiful south sea pearls from Australia, Tahiti and the Philippines. They grade their pearls the same way Paspaley and Kailis do which by 5 virtues.
They have more choices when it comes to colours. The pearls they source from Australia are white, silver and pink tones, while those from Tahiti are black which are very edgy but still classy, and lastly, they have gold pearls from the Philippines which are very real and dramatic.
They have unique couture pieces which highlight the different shapes and colours of their pearls.

Pearls are a Girl’s Best Friend

Pearl earrings for everyday wear

Women love round and shiny things and that’s a fact. There’s no reason why women won’t keep coming back to pearls. For hundreds of years, pearls have been considered as one of the most valuable possessions of a person. From a mode of payment for trading to the symbolism of purity and now edgy and unique jewellery pieces, we can’t deny that pearls are timeless.
If you want to show your appreciation or even devotion to someone then buying pearls is the best way to go. For brides to be out there, I really suggest that you pick a classic piece that would make you look really stunning on your wedding day. Just like a little black dress, every woman should own at least one piece of pearl jewellery as you can wear it anytime and anywhere. Pearls are definitely one of the world’s most versatile treasures.