2018 Home Decor Trends

2018 Home Decor Trends

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Each new year, we can shake things up, and there is no better place to start than at home. 2017 was the year to transform your house into a personal tropical jungle filled with prints and as many metallic details as we pleased. 2018 comes with a host of new home decor trends that everyone just must try.

Bold pigments

Neutrals have never looked better in interior spaces with grey still being the most popular choice. However, this year we are going more daring with more vibrant colours for both furniture and walls.
Moody violets, emerald green, and violets are also proving to be popular interior choices this year.

Global Village

This year bring the goodness of global influence to your home through deco pieces. Whether you feel inspired by the Asian culture, African trinkets, or European charm; you can incorporate them into your house.
That means going for global-inspired prints for your throw cushions, including a few terracotta pieces on your display unit, or going for exotic European rugs.

Tropical Prints

We are not done with tropicals yet, and you can still carry through with the trend this year. Think of palm leaves and a splash of lush greens all over your bathroom. Take it to your porch to by including long-leafed tall plants, and a hammock.
You can still follow through with the inspiration all over your house by going for tropical-themed throws, duvet sets, and even safari-inspired China.

Metallic Accents

Another trend from last year that we are not done with is the infusion of metallic touches around the house. Whether it is a bedside lamp, wall mirror, or vases; a metallic finish or palette exudes a luxurious finish.
Go for Brass hues and even brass-made furniture to create the look. Gold-tone accents and brass combined with marble does the trick.

Artisan Textures

Textures add a playful embellishment and raw edges around your home. Furniture has a handmade feel, and they are the perfect pieces to accentuate with artisan textures. Likewise, you can incorporate the look by using throw cushions and fabric-made wall hangings.
Macrame pieces also create a new layer of interest and feature on wall hangings as well as cushions.

Geometric Patterns

An alternative to the artisan textures and tropical prints is to go for geometric patterns. It is not a new trend, but a dramatic take on it can create a pronounced presence in your home.
Use it for accent walls by going for wallpaper with oversized patterns in bolder colours. Best yet, you can take the geometric trend to any room you please including adding a few geometric throws into the mix.

Black and White

The classic monochromatic trend survives the test of time and remains a genuinely timeless decor trend. You cannot go wrong by including black and white pieces into your home. Once again, the quickest way about it is to go for throw cushion covers that can instantly give you a classic look.
If you are up for a furniture upgrade or refurbishing, consider going black and white. You can as well go for white/black sofa covers to embrace the monochrome look.


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