Everything that goes down any of your laundry, bathroom or kitchen sinks goes into the sewerage. The same can be said for that in your toilet and the shower. The treated sewerage is rereleased back into out oceans and rivers but putting the wrong things down the drain can mean that it is difficult to treat the water and it cannot be released into the rivers and oceans – or we end up contaminating the marine environment.

What shouldn’t go down the drain?

Most of the things that you shouldn’t put down the drain are common sense items and essentially it is anything that isn’t water or water based. This means you shouldn’t put the following down the sink;

  • Plastics
  • Non-cooking oils such as motor oils
  • Paint
  • Chemicals such as pesticides and cleaning agents
  • Non-biodegradable products

If these items end up down your drain they can cause serious issues. Beyond that of a blocked pipe causing you your own problems, it can also result in damaged pipes and harm to the environment. Most harmful products can be disposed of through council through either a pick up or drop off service.

How do I avoid these things going down the drain?

It is understandable that sometimes these things may be mixed in with or a part of something else that can go down the drain and you want to be able to dispose of everything that can go down the drain right away. Here are a few helpful tips on ensuring the right stuff goes down your drain.

  • Strain any food scraps when pouring the water or juices down the drain. The food scraps will clog the drain but you don’t want the liquid sitting in your compost or garbage bin.
  • Fats and oils usually can’t go down the drain. If you want to put them in a bin, package them in a throw away container first so that there are no leakage troubles.
  • Wipe down pots and pans that are full of grease prior to washing them.
  • Reduce the total amount of detergent that you are using. Most people use far too much which contributes to excessive sodium going down drains which can be damaging.

When pouring things down the drain or cleaning tools, it is important that you take care and ensure that only water-based substances go down the drain. This will ensure your drain stays clean and you aren’t poisoning the sewerage.