Living in such a sunny nation, having a solar hot water system already makes sense. Solar hot water is also much more efficient than your old gas hot water. Solar hot water systems collect the sun’s rays throughout the day and transfer that energy into electricity making hot water. On a cloudy day, the solar panels will still work and you will still be able to get hot water (from stored energy and the day’s energy) although it is slightly less efficient that with full sunlight. If the sun isn’t enough, there will also be a gas booster to ensure your water it hot.

What types of solar hot water are there?

There are two different types of solar hot water systems that can be used;

  • Flat panels

These are often a little cheaper to install and will save you space around the house thanks to the tank most often installed on the roof of your home.

  • Evacuated tubing

These provide a greater area in order to capture more heat and are consequentially more efficient at transferring the heat as well. Because of this increased efficiency, they also perform better in overcast conditions. Unfortunately, this option does require more space on your property as the tanks are not installed on the roof. This makes it a great option for larger homes who are also going to get more value out of their solar.

What are the advantages?

Whilst it may seem as though a solar hot water system is more costly, it will equal itself out in the long run. Yes you have to pay more but you are paying less for gas and electricity to heat your water. The savings from a solar hot water system compared to gas or electric are best seen;

  • In large households
  • In warm and hot climates
  • When there is plenty of access to sunlight

Beyond there monetary costs, solar hot water ensures a significant reduction in the costs to the environment through the use of a renewable energy resource and also the reduced greenhouse gas emissions that are created in order for electric hot water systems to work.

Ultimately, a solar hot water system is going to save you money in the long run and eliminates the need to pay monthly hot water bills. The additional benefits for the environment are great and ensure that you can do a little bit to help make it a greener world.