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    Backstage Pass Exhibition Opening at The Colour Factory

    On April 20th, Chip Monck who is the Director of Production for One Great Night on Earth played host to around 200 people who came to witness his private photographic collection of the Stones 70 Tour which he calls "Backstage Pass". A great night was had by all and a fabulous plug for our great event was an inclusion of the evening.

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    Classic Chip Monck

    We beat our chests quite a great deal about the involvement of the great Chip Monck to our team here at One Great Night on Earth. He is hailed as the "Godfather of Stage and Light" and is associated with may of the globe's greatest festivals and musical productions. Here are some fabulous shots from Chip's career.

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    Friends of OGNOE

    Along the way we have encountered some great folk who support our initiative and have been kind enough to share their time with us and extend their connections to us to make this thing great. We thank you for your support. Every single one of you.

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    Concert Site

    Chip said that Max Yasgur's farm in Bethel NY in 69 was a sight to behold. Got a little muddy for his liking though it was quite something. Our proposed site is equally as beautiful.

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    One Great Night Crew

    One Great Night on Earth has assembled a dedicated crew over the last couple of years. All industry professionals with a Pay it Forward notion and a ROCK ON attitude in common.

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