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  • Rick Brewster’s Angels – welcome to the bill

    Rick Brewster’s Angels with “powerhouse” front man, Dave Gleeson – a new chapter begins

    We are excited to welcome Rick Brewster’s Angels featuring Dave Gleeson to the One Great Night on Earth event!

    When looking at our great Australian rock heritage, it’s hard to go past a band that has performed some of the most “anthemic” tunes ever. The One Great Night on Earth crew was privileged to attend the first gig showcasing the new line-up of Rick Brewster’s Angels.

    The Annandale Hotel in Sydney was the venue for this little slice of rock and roll history. It was old school and a night that we will never forget. With Dave Gleeson of The Screaming Jets on lead vocals, the band just about blew the roof off the venue and the audience lapped up every single moment. Classic track after classic track featured in the 2 hour set and the new single from the band, “Waiting for the Sun” showed us that there’s no stopping these guys. Ardent Angels fans packed the room lip syncing to every track and head banging from the first to last guitar lick.

    The band was originally formed in 1970 by brothers Rick and John Brewster in Adelaide. Their songs have become a part of the Australian rock culture and it’s great to see that like a good wine, some things just get better with age. With the addition of Dave Gleeson on vocals the band is embarking on a new stage in their career and we are so proud to announce that they will be gracing the stage in late 2012 for the One Great Night on Earth event.

    We look forward to keeping you in the loop with more updates and industry news via the website and our dedicated Facebook page.

    It’s getting hotter by the minute.

    Till next time,


    LJM – Project Director

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