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  • Backstage Pass


    Dear Earthlings,

    Busy times here at HQ!

    Our Director of Production, the fabulous Chip Monck staged his photographic exhibit “Backstage Pass”, a Rolling Stones Retrospective.

    E.H.B. ‘Chip’ Monck, the Godfather of stage and lighting design and MC at Woodstock, toured with the Rolling Stones for five years at the height of their fame, directing their live show. “Backstage Pass”, was an intimate series of photographs from the Stone’s 1970 European tour from Monck’s private collection, providing an access all areas account of life on the road with the greatest band of all time. Here’s how it all began…

    “Having completed Woodstock in ’69 I moved into the Greek Theatre in LA, with Joni Mitchell and Crosby Stills and Nash, unaware that there were scouts in the audience from the Rolling Stones. I began to receive telex, telegrams and voice messages from Maddox Street, the Stones Office in London.

    I disregarded them as a prank. Then one afternoon there was a knock at the door, and a hand delivered note, to call Michael Phillip (Jagger) in Mount Fairy, NSW where he was filming Ned Kelly.

    The phone exchange was open only 4 hours a day, and didn’t work well with my schedule, but at 3:00am NY time I made the call. I explained that I had attended their show in Boston in 1966 and that I would not attempt any improvement in presentation unless it was a serious coordination between the Band, and my staff.

    “Bring your drawings and ideas to LA, and we’ll discuss it.” And I did

    Trying to avoid the hysteria of the rented mansion the Stones were staying in, I asked if Michael and I could go poolside, and I would explain my thoughts. I spread all the prints out on the pool deck and began. The wind came up and all the prints ended up in the pool. His immediate response was “Just F@#$I’ do it”

    The shots within this exhibition show the band in classic stage mode and also behind the scenes, the daily rhythm of touring. I hope you enjoy a series I refer to as “Backstage Pass”, life on the road with the greatest rock band of all time”.

    Chip is an extraordinary character and it’s a little hard not to be in awe of his career and the man himself. The exhibit however showcased a period of his life in pictures that had a great simplistic twist. It displayed an incredible work ethic, a man who is loyal and thoughtful and somewhat of an occasional mischief maker.

    To all of you who attended Chip’s grand event, we thank you for making him feel like a million bucks.

    Chip did of course explain that the exhibit was just an excuse to get a couple of hundred people in the room to talk about One Great Night on Earth, his latest venture and perhaps the greatest of his career.

    Ah, we as a team here at One Great Night on Earth are so incredibly blessed.

    Stay tuned folks.

    Oh, and hope you are all enjoying our website makeover. Thanks so much to our Social & Digital Media Director in L.A. and his fine team. Good work fellas!!!

    Till next time,

    LJM – Project Director



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