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The easiest way to meet society is to organize a social event, either because you want to communicate something new, celebrate any success or by merely interacting with those around you. It is a meeting moment where we want everything to go perfectly, and there is no unpleasant setback. But how to organize a social event and make it a success? Below we are going to give you seven tips that will help you answer that question.

Seven tips to know how to organize a social event

Determine the objectives of the social event

When it comes to hosting a social event, the first thing you have to do is ask yourself: What should you expect to achieve with this event? Depending on the milestones you have marked you will have to focus on one way or another.

If it is a celebration such as a birthday or a silver wedding, the atmosphere will be relaxed and familiar, and the event will take place naturally.

If on the other side, it is a social event aimed at presenting a product or celebrating business success, the environment will be soberer, but without forgetting that it is a social event and, therefore, fun and entertainment are part of the moment. It will also be advisable to make a script that will help you to lead the event and manage the times.

Consider the planning of the event

social event planning

Planning ranges from logistics, assembly time, arrival times, activities, to the theme or everything that has to do with the visual.

This work is mostly comprised of two fundamental aspects:

On the one hand, the election, planning, assignment, execution, and control of the tasks before the event, and also, of course, the invitations. Much of the success of the social event lies in the assistance, the ideal, by uses and customs, is to send them about 20 days before.

On the other hand, the design of the agenda of the event: what time will start, what time is scheduled to end, what activities will be developed and at what time. It is essential to have all the angles covered and always have a plan B to take us out at a given moment in a hurry.

Choose the date of the event

Another thing to mind is the date. We want the most significant number of people to attend our event. Therefore, the ideal is to find a time that does not coincide with any other social event, festivity or highlight event.

The objective is for our event to be the most relevant of that day for our guests.

The choice of location is key

If the date is necessary, the place is key to the success of your event.

There are many facts to consider when choosing a place, the dimensions of the premises, the distribution thereof, the location, etc. To find a right place, make sure that:

It is well connected with public transport or secure parking.

It has enough space to host your event. If the room is too big, it will seem that there are few people and, if it is too short, it will be uncomfortable.

It is conditioned with the technical needs that are required for your event (sound equipment if you had to speak in public or live music, adequate lighting, etc.)

See a budget

Organize a social event

It is essential to have a budget to make sure that the social event does not get out of hand. A game can cost you what you want to spend. Therefore, defining a budget will help you control expenses and then there will be no scares.

Specify which budget item will be dedicated to each plot of the event and save a small percentage to cover possible contingencies.

Organize your guests

Your guests are the most significant part of the event, at the end of the day you are organizing the game for them. Therefore, it is essential to have them attended, fun and organized.

The good idea is to use Tyvek identification wristbands for your guests, so you will feel more integrated and give exclusivity to your event.

Create an environment with activities during the event

monologue microphone

Having scheduled activities will also help to create a good atmosphere and keep your guests entertained. Depending on the social event you are organizing, live music, hire a monologist, or a magician can be your best allies.

If it is something playful where singing and dancing are allowed, a music group can make the event epic. If it is something more formal, the magician will surprise everyone with his tricks and monologue will get a smile even the most serious of those present.

To finish, keep an eye on them, ask them if everything is fine, if they are having fun, etc. Your opinion is essential and will help you to know what you can improve when it comes to organizing your next social event and what you have achieved and, therefore, you should repeat.

These are the fundamental aspects to take into account when organizing a successful social event. These are not difficult objectives to achieve, but they require time and dedication. If you want to host a successful social event but you do not have time to manage it, at Click and Sound we take care to advise you on everything you need.

A business event is a unique opportunity to impact, make a good impression, leave your guests with their mouths open, and above all convey what you want your brand or company to be associated with. Therefore, a business event can be a resounding success if you get all the above or an absolute failure if the result is the opposite. A successful business event is one that manages to make a difference, which is well maintained and manages to capture the attention of your guests naturally. Having good ideas for a business event will be the determining factor that determines the balance towards success or failure.

It is not easy to establish a business event, let alone organize it in such a way that it is a success. There are two fundamental factors to take into account when organizing: what we want to achieve with the event and how we want our guests to feel.

Setting the objectives of the business event will help us to give it one focus or another, it is not the same the presentation of a new product, where your goal will be that the attendees fall in love with it, that the celebration of the anniversary of the brand, where what Pride will be fun and festive atmosphere. Therefore, the first thing we have to ask ourselves when we organize a business event is what do we want to achieve?

Once we are clear about the objective of the business event, we have to think about the guests. As a good host, you have to make your guests feel comfortable at all times, attended and entertained. Keep in mind that these guests are the ones who will talk about the event afterward, and it is established that word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing campaigns. That is why, if you get your guests to go out and talk about the event, you will have a significant part of the journey.

With a full stomach, better

A good idea for corporate events is to get your guests to feel served is to hire a catering. Depending on the time at which the event takes place, food and drink will be more copious or less. If it is an after work, food will not be as important as drinking. Usually, the event ends before dinner time and guests can dine at home, but can not be dry-mouthed during the entire duration of the event. However, if the event takes place during lunchtime or at dinner time, the food should be more abundant so that the guests do not go hungry during the event, nor do they have to prepare something to eat when they get home.

At the time of hiring the catering, negotiate the type of food and drink you want to be served and make an estimate of the guests that will attend to determine the amount of food and drink that will be needed. And before the doubt … better than about what is missing.